Lucid dreaming methods for beginners

beginners lucid dreaming guide

We all have been hearing the term ‘lucid dream’ quite frequently these days. We could see experts giving training and writing long guides about the various lucid dreaming methods for beginners. But many of us don’t completely understand what it is.

Today, we will talk about this latest technique.

Lucid Dreaming – A Quick Overview

If we go into the definition of lucid dreaming, then what we get is that lucid dreaming is a state of self-consciousness even while sleeping. With various LUCID DREAMING TECHNIQUES, you become the sole in-charge of your dreams.

lucid dreaming for beginners
Lucid dreaming for beginners

When you go through a lucid dream, you are aware that you are awake. But you find yourself unable to move. You cannot even call anyone else for quick help.

Lucid dreaming is becoming popular owing to its beneficial impact on your brain and overall performance. It creates a sense of ecstasy and relaxation, which eventually contribute towards your better performance in real life.

Top Lucid Dreaming Methods For Beginners

Lucid dreaming isn’t as easy as it sounds. After reading the above text, you may think that you already go through lucid dreaming quite frequently.

Well, this can be true to some extent.

But, generally, it requires individual efforts to learn the various lucid dreaming methods.

If you desire to spend some in solitude, lucid dreaming provides a safe escape.

For all beginners, here is a quick guide to how you can start this dreaming  technique.

1. Perform Reality Checks

As I said above, lucid dreaming is the state when you are not completely asleep, neither you are entirely awake. So, how would you know about your lucid dream?

The simplest of all lucid dream techniques is to perform reality checks.

Keep on checking throughout the day whether what you are doing is your dream imagination or a real-life incident.

The finger palm push method is  the most common trick for it.

2. Work On Your Dream Recall

Strong dream recall ability strengthens your memory to memorize dreams and to distinguish between the imagination and the fact.

Dream Recall Dream Journal
Dream Journal

To start with, you can jot down whatever you dream on a paper or your diary. It is better to keep it close to your bedside so that you can begin writing your dream the moment you get up.

Otherwise, if you spend your time trying to find out a diary, chances are more that you will forget your dream.

3. Remind of Yourself of Lucid Dreaming

Having lucid dreams is somewhat dependent on your willpower and obsession too. So, one of the best lucid dreaming methods for learning the skill is to surround yourself with the relevant literature based on lucid dreaming.

Keep reminding yourself  about lucid dreams. This way, you actually
fit it in your consciousness that you are going to have a lucid dream.

4. Lucid Dream Induction

Induced lucid dreaming is also an efficient way to begin with. You can go for various techniques, such as MILD, WILD, or try using some ancillary drugs (though it is better to avoid the latter one).

This way, you will gradually program your brain for lucid dreaming and for prolonging your lucid dreams.

Lucid dream techniques for learning new skills

perfect your skills in lucid dreams

None of us have much time for learning and a lot of the time we have is spent doing things we hate or in bed asleep. Could you learn new things from the land of nod?

Adopt these lucid dreaming techniques and learn new skills while you sleep. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your dreams.

Lucid dream induction methods

There are many ways to induce lucid dreams, here are a few ideas to get started:

1) Recall – Improving dream recall is an essential first step. Keep a dream journal documenting your nightly adventures. When you wake up explain your dream to yourself out loud, don’t let it slip away.

Talk to your friends about your experiences.

Dreams are precious, live with them and learn to unlock their lessons.

2) Meditate – Learn to center yourself. Find your way to peace and calm and harness the power of meditation.

improve real life skills in lucid dreams
improve real life skills in lucid dreams

Sit for 10 minutes, thinking only of your breathing, practice reaching out with your imagination and changing the world around you.

Try to see what isn’t really there, start with a blue circle. Gradually let it shrink and grow with every breath.

3) Are you awake? – Get into the habit of testing yourself to make sure you are awake.

Of course you know you aren’t sleeping, but if you make a habit of checking yourself every time you enter a room, this will soon become second nature.

Do it often enough and the behavior will continue into your dreams.

When you find you can actually pass your hands through a tree or pull down the moon you will have started your journey.

Ultimately, these lucid dream methods can only take you so far, but with perseverance and dedication you will break through into your dreams and once there unlock your hidden potential.

How to learn with lucid dream techniques

You’ve got to want it – Make sure you immerse yourself in the idea of what you want to learn.

6 real world lucid dreaming benefits
6 real world lucid dreaming benefits

Set yourself targets and plans.

Think about it throughout your day and talk about what you want to learn with as many people as possible.

Create a dream board with images of your desired skill. Look at this before you go to bed and first thing every morning.

Immerse yourself in the skill.

Take it with you – Integrate your desired skill into your sleep routine. Imagine yourself practicing as you wait to sleep. If learning a instrument have it with you in your bedroom. Develop your connection.

Visualize it – Spend time creating the situation you want to realize in your dream. Make it a focus of your daily meditation. Imagine every detail and it will be there for you when you sleep.

Make it real – Only you can make it happen.

Once you have mastered these beginner lucid dreaming methods you will have sharpened your will to the point you will have total control over your dreams.

Use your sleep powers to bring your new skills to life and be sure to learn how to prolong your lucid dreams.

Happy lucid dreams!