Lucid dream methods for prolonging your dream

how to prolong a lucid dream

Lucid dreaming methods are being searched and adopted by
many people. People awaken from dreams sooner than they would like.

Nothing is more annoying than to spend hours or weeks of effort aiming at the  aim of having a dream and then wake up within minutes of getting lucid.

Fortunately, however, there are powerful lucid dream methods that enable novices and experts alike to prevent awakenings from lucid dreams.

You can realize that you are lucid when everything pops into focus and the colors are extreme.

You opt to fly and become excited. As you soar into the air your feet leave the ground. But there is a problem.

look at your hands to prolong lucid dream
look at your hands to prolong lucid dream

The scene begins.

The Scene begins…You are losing control.

The dream is collapsing and you are going to awaken!

How come this is happening!? What should you do!?

This is a typical experience for dreamers. Once you think the fun is going to start, you lose control, and you don’t understand why. It happened to most of us when we started having lucid dreams (and still happens from time to time).

It had been frustrating. It is not like a person could only fall back asleep and make it happen again!

After much research, trial and errors following are the best lucid dream methods for prolonging your dream.

Keeping the Dream Alive

The number one reason is since you get overly excited. While this occurs, a biological response is actuated; enhancing your heart rate and breathing (like when you are awake, obviously).

Your body realizes that you are awake though you’re in a dream, so you come alive. It is exactly like skinning your knee when you learn how to ride a bicycle.

It’s destined to occur to everybody and there is almost no way of preventing it from ending a lucid dream.

In efficacious lucid dreaming techniques, it is suggested that rather than becoming excited and flying around right away, just take a few minutes to calm down and gain your composure.

Stay calm and dream! especially if you are a beginner to lucid dreaming.

Concentrate on one thing

You could find that your vision gets fuzzy in a lucid dream. This is a lucid dream indication that you’re not completely lucid and will need to boost your awareness.

By centering on one object, you can go from being partly lucid to being fully lucid. Select any item: a flower, a building.

Now, concentrate on that item. Look at its details, colors, shapes, textures, etc. Before long you’ll find your eyesight and awareness becoming thinner and thinner.

This effect is very similar to manually focus a camera. In order to have an image, you must zoom in on the item you would like to picture, focus it on then zoom back out to have a crystal clear image of what in view. Repeat this often multiple times throughout a dream.

After you “snap” into focus, you are prepared to resume.

That is complementary to the former lucid dream techniques. Try focusing on that thing again, but this time start jumping up and down as you look at it.

With every jump, your clarity increases and the dream will snap into attention that is pristine.

Once you’ll jump, you’ll have a crystal clear vision and the dream will get vivid.


Dr. Stephen LaBerge discovered this technique and mentioned within his publication exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

lucid dream spinning
lucid dream spinning

In it he says that spinning around in your lucid dream is an effective method of a) stabilizing the fantasy and b) altering the dream scene.

If you find yourself in a dream scene that is mundane and you want to become more engaged so that you don’t eliminate focus, try spinning about and imagining the fantasy.

As you come out of your spin, a new and exciting spectacle will unfold.

This is one of the best lucid dream methods for prolonging your dream. And it works every time!

Be sure to use your lucid dreams for helping you in life, like learning new skills and not just for fun.

Dr. Stephen LaBerge Video

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Top lucid dream induction methods

lucid dream inductions

Having out of body experiences is a process many still consider non-scientific. However, an analysis of lucid dreaming proves that the exercise can be practiced just like any other motor activity. Lucid dreams occur when one can consciously control the environment and events in their dreams and even learn new skills.

This article will discuss various lucid dreaming technqiues that prove that everyone is capable of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreams are an extraordinary state of consciousness

There are many good lucid dreaming techniques.

Many lucid dreaming methods require a lot of patience and practice. Experts assert that the first step of the process is the most challenging.

As a result, being able to shift from the physical world to the world of imagined reality may take learners 3-21 days.

It will be of great value to know top lucid dream induction methods since these will enable one to quickly slip into the dream world of virtual reality.

Time to learn a lucid dream induction technique.

OBE lucid dream
OBE (Out of Body) lucid dream

Lucid Dream Induction Time

1. Learn to Meditate

Mediating is an excellent tool for reducing stress and gaining focus which is essential for one to achieve lucid dreams. One way to mediate entails focusing on one’s breathing.

This technique requires one to count their inhalations and exhalations up to 10 and start over again.

One counts “one” when breathing in and “two” when breathing out.

Focusing on this breathing while counting from 20 to 30 minutes makes the body relaxed enough to slip into the dream world where one can be in control of the events.

2. Visualization

After successfully mastering the breathing technique, visualization will come next. During this process, one focus on the dreamland they desire while in a relaxed position.

train your mind to lucid dream
train your mind to lucid dream

Therefore, while lying down, one can picture the most beautiful palace they can imagine and try to picture the fine details of everything they desire to encounter.

If it is a golden chair, for example, one should strive to visualize the way the gold stones sparkle, their number and the design.

While doing this, one should not convince themselves that they are dreaming, but they should just focus on their imaginations.

With a favorable environment such as lulling music and minimal disturbances in the surrounding, one will quickly move on to the world of imagined reality.

3. The Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams Technique

This technique is among the lucid dream methods that entails repeating statements or thoughts that one wishes to encounter in their dreams. In this regard, one can affirmatively tell himself or herself that when they go to sleep, they will have a lucid dream.

One can also recall good dreams they had in the past and tell themselves that they will have similar dreams in the night. This technique will keep the mind prepared and focused on one single dream thus making it easy for one to participate in its contents.

In conclusion,the above lucid dreaming methods imply that anyone can learn how to lucid dream.

The exercises involved to achieve lucid dreaming require patience and discipline since all distractions should be kept at bay. The good news is that these methods have other health benefits to the one practicing them.

For instance, mediation and visualization reduce stress, anxiety, and anger while repeating statements and thoughts enable one to gain more mental energy.

What It’s Like to Lucid Dream